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Odds and Sods September 2021

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas OCTOBER. 04, 2021

Addendum - At about this time the Photoblog site went down taking everyone's work with it. Some of us had backed up our posts which has enabled me to piece them back together here on my own new site. The photos from this particular post were lost so I don't know what photos it contained. The opening paragraph is all that remains. Normally a post has enough text for me to replace the original photos but this one had no text, as a consequence I have made a selection now in March 2022 as I remake my lost posts from Photoblog. These photos are a good representation of that time. Doing this has enabled me to keep a full Odds and Sods set for every month starting in September 2020.


A bit late this time around because I have been playing catch up with my shutter happy last few weeks, not just editing, but also deleting huge numbers of photos. Because I have been photographing live events I have been taking sequences on multiple clicks to choose the best shot. That means having to view, in one case 1500 photos taken in one day, just to delete most of them.

So in this post I have decided to just put together a random sample of hopefully eye catching photos without any text. Mostly they don't need any, but if you do have any questions just ask in the comments.

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