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Parallel Journeys

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas MARCH. 09, 2021

This is the News, and I promise it has nothing to do with Harry or Meghan, this is the important stuff that actually matters. What seemed like an impossible idea a year ago is really happening.

It is a concrete fact.

And here to prove it is the concrete itself. Saturday, the men arrived and did their stuff and what is more they did it for free which was amazing and very moving. They worked their Saturday to pour a concrete base and build in the service connections to the Village Hall so that our old/new phone box will have power and light. It is a moving experience when an idea turns into solid concrete.

When they had finished their labours they neatly covered it all up with a little furry blanket to keep the frost out.

We heard today that a week tomorrow the Phone Box will be coming home and it is going to be an emotional day, because it is not just a Phone Box to me. The Phone Box for me is all tied up symbolically with a lot of things that happened in my life last year and it has become a metaphor for the last twelve months.

2020 started with storms, darkness, depression, decay and ultimately death, moved on to loss and feelings of powerlessness and fear and things unfinished, a ripping asunder of my roots, and is now ending as we move into 2021 with Spring, signs of new life, memories in their proper place, and feelings of community and coming together, hope and a new place to call home.

Just to emphasise the concrete nature of this event I flipped up the cosy blanket just long enough to record the fact. That, Ladies and Gentlemen is concrete.

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