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Stage One

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas MARCH. 01, 2021

[212-365] 1st. March 2021- The latest phase of the phone box rescue project took place today. We successfully raised all of the money we needed to meet the cost using GoFundMe. This took three months to raise but there was a flurry of donations at the end.

The phone box is currently being restored and refurbished.

Stage one was the hole. Stage one of a project is always a hole. Six volunteers moved about two tons of earth and stone this morning. We were all quite pleased with our efforts. We stopped to compare and contrast various age related ailments during the breaks. Hips and backs were the main subject of conversation. We salvaged all the daffodils which will be re-planted later.

Stage two will be a concrete base which has been very kindly donated by a local building company.

This was my original artists impression used in the fund raising campaign.

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